Are you a Dog, Cat, Horse, Bird, Fish, Alpaca, Hamster and the list goes on? Are you a Social Animal?  Do you like to have fun and meet new friends (animal only!)?

Pet Protect®, the owner of The Pet Realty Network®, has just launched  Pets sign up themselves so there is no personal information from humans required.  Pets can then create their own Year Book page, upload their photos to their own Photo Gallery, write a Blog if they wish, give status updates of their life, make pet friends, give and receive autographs and invite all their friends to become a PetsBookster™

Created and developed by Pimms, the Chocolate Labrador and Pressie, the Border Collier, Shepherd, Terrier, Beagle mix, i.e. a rescue Mutt from Naples, Florida with the computer knowledge of Jake, a Siberian Husky from British Columbia (not many dogs can code in Drupal and be a cool dude as well)

Pet Protect’s launches at the best time of the year.  Now when humans are passing out their graduation Year Books their pets have their Year Book for their Pet friends from all over the world.

And Pets love to help other Pets so The Lucky Day is a special feature of  If you are a Pet Shelter or Humane Society your Pets can create their very own Yearbook page so they can find a forever home.  If you find a stry Pet wandering the street or a pet given up because of the dreadful economy, relocation or other reasons let the Pet have its very own Year Book page in order to find a loving home


Every day The Pet Realty Network receives requests for housing information for displaced pets due to the Short Sale/Foreclosure crisis, publicity for a particular Shelter, real estate information for buying and selling properties, and the list goes on. However, yesterday I received a press release from a PR and Advertising graduate student at DePaul University in Chicago working with the Chicago English Bulldog Rescue (CEBR) ( to implement various media plans in order to spread the message of pet adoption, particularly English Bulldogs.

The Press Release was about Cranberry and I had to share part of it – not just because living in England I grew up watching a particular English Bulldog called Henry play with my dog in Hyde Park but because it shows how a group of people can come together to help a dog.

On Dec. 5, 2010, a 15-week-old bully pup now known as Cranberry embarked on a journey most dogs will never experience. Cranberry suffered from a congenital defect, which has caused severe deformity to her front legs, requiring special orthopedic care. As a result, over the past few months, many have banded together—pilots, surgeons, specialists and other volunteers—to ensure that this puppy with special needs receives the surgery and aftercare she requires.

Cranberry’s zest for life in her pint-sized body has spurred thousands of people to support her on Facebook and has mobilized not only The Chicago English Bulldog Rescue’s network, but volunteers from other organizations that want to see her live a fun life. She truly has a cult-like fan following. 

Currently, Cranberry is getting therapy five days a week. She receives four sessions a day at home, which includes electro-stimulation therapy that requires her to be hooked up to electrodes that send a healing current through the damaged parts of her body. She then gets range of motion and stretching therapy.

Cranberry after her surgery

English Bulldogs are known for their loyalty and it is so good to see the people in Cranberry’s life are loyal in return.

The MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue came up with an innovative idea by giving Pet ID Tags to their new pet parents.  This Boston Terrier Rescue is very special as it fosters dogs in volunteers’ homes.  Not only does it rescue Boston Terriers of any age and condition but provides full medical care, including spay and neutering, rabies and distemper shots, heartworm testing and micro-chipping to the rescued Bostons prior to finding them a loving and permanent home.  In 2010 the Rescue took in 371 Bostons and Boston mixes.

By giving each Boston Terrier a Pet Medical Alert ID Tag it alerts immediately anyone finding one of their Bostons that there is a medical condition, for example the dog may be Deaf, have Allergies, Needs Medications and the list goes on. It is then very simple to find out more about the lost dog by using the Pet ID Number on the Tag to search the National Pet Registy for specific information.  What is most important is that the Pet ID Tag gives instant medical information about the Boston in case it is impossible to get the pet to a facility to scan for a micro-chip or get on a computer to  gain access to the National Pet Registry.

A good example is Ginger , a real cutie – She suffers from Seizures and is now the proud owner of a Seizures Tag. She looks quite comfy on her bed but if for some reason she was ever lost the Pet Tag would tell the person that found Ginger that she suffered from Seizures – something good to know until she was re-united with her owner.

Hopefully more Rescue Groups and Shelters will follow the MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue in thinking about their adopted pets after adoption.  You can see that this Rescue is run by volunteers with very big hearts and the love of Boston Terriers.

Judy Ballantine, one of our most Pet Friendly members, lives in Dover, Massachusetts with a very large family of donkeys, cats, rabbits, cockatiel, parakeet, Scottish Terrier, horses (as well as a husband and daughter who are, of course, very Pet Friendly) but finds the time to volunteer as a Board Member for the Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue and work as an Agent for Coldwell Banker.  With this large animal family Judy can certainly help you with all your Pet Friendly Real Estate needs in Boston and the surrounding areas and she would be pleased to give you information about the Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue.

Moving Westward to Englewood, Colorado Kodi, Kirby and Keagan run the Harken household.  All adopted by Kati Harken , an Agent with Keller Williams,you just have to look at their adorable faces to see why they joined Kati’s family. Kodi (in the rear) was adopted from the Denver Dumb Friends League and now Kati is helping with their annual donation drive.  Founded in 1910 the Dumb Friends League is the largest animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain area and most importantly turns no animal away. 

Kati would be very pleased to show you why Denver is one of the most pet friendly cities in the United States.

Just two great people that are giving back to the animals that make our lives so much better.

For me, “good enough” is simply not onpreeves my agenda  – the words of Peggy-Lynn Reeves, not of Kelly, her Irish Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier.  Kelly is the star of Peggy-Lynn’s Pet Friendly Real Estate brochure.  Of course, there is plenty of valuable information inside the brochure about People, Pets and Properties – something which Peggy-Lynn knows so much about as a full time professional Real Estate Agent with First Weber but one look at Kelly’s face on the front of Peggy-Lynn’s very well designed brochure makes you want to call Peggy-Lynn immediately to help you sell or purchase your Pet Friendly property – and we are certain Kelly will accompany Peggy-Lynn on any of her showings if requested.

If you are thinking about Wisconsin Real Estate just contact Kelly and, of course, Peggy-Lynn, particularly for all your Pet Friendly needs.

BlackScottiePuppieOne of The Pet Realty Network’s Members sent me the following information with the great photo so I am posting it here in case you would like a little bundle of Scottie joy!

Pearl (aka Black Pearl) had seven adorable pups on September 9. Although she’s not an unwed mother (her husband is Dandy Jack), she is currently unemployed and needs to find homes for all her babies, who will be ready to run, jump and play with new families the first week of November!

She has six baby girls (four black, two wheaton) and one male (a black). The litter is registered with AKC and will have all puppy shots up to eight weeks and health certificate upon purchase. Th Pearl’s human asks that you contact her directly at for more information andphotos. Shipping is not available for the pups, so we’ll have to make arrangements for driving if you want to take one of these babies home with you!

shutterstock_1005872Most Real Estate professionals are licensed in one State but Nancy Gordon, a Member of The Pet Realty Network, is licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC and, of course, she is Pet Friendly – and to prove it she has owned an English Bulldog, a selection of Cats, Guinea pigs, Hamsters, and even a Tortoise.  And more importantly she has been involved in caring for pets with difficulties, illnesses and the challenges of old age.

Aside from being a Multi- Million Dollar producer Nancy is interested in travel and history.  Coming from London, in fact Ealing, which in Victorian times was called “The Queen of the Suburbs”, being only 8 miles from Central London, not only can Nancy tell you about Ealing’s interesting history but can also help find the perfect home in the Virginia/ Washington DC/ Maryland area.


It is five years since Hurricane Charley came ashore on the West Coast of Florida and today is a poignant reminder how Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Fires and other natural disasters can affect your life and the lives of your family, friends, and clients. Roughly 600,000 pets were killed or were left without a home as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Many pets lost their lives due to the weather, and others could not be taken into safety shelters so they were unfortunately left stranded.                                                                 Wipe your Paws       


What has this to do with Real Estate, you may ask?  With over 63% of United States households owning a pet it is safe to assume that a Real Estate Professional has a great number of clients or prospective clients that own a pet. Would they not appreciate something that could possible help to save their pet’s life instead of another calendar, notepad or fridge magnet with your face on it?

After a particularly awful Hurricane Season in Florida and then Hurricane Katrina we wanted to do our part to help pets that were lost and abandoned due to natural disasters. “My pet is micro-chipped so I do not have to worry,” you say. But in a natural disaster it is not always possible to get to a Veterinary clinic to have a lost pet scanned and what if there is no electricity? And less than 5 percent of the approximately 145 million pets in the United States benefit from micro-chipping.

It only takes a moment to help your pet and those of your family, friends and clients. Pet Protect(R) PetHealthAlert is an Instant Pet Medical Alert System with a choice of Free Pet Medical Alert Tags (one time $5.00 handling and processing fee). There is a choice of 10 Tags for your pet from Diabetes, Allergies, Seizures,Healthy Pet, etc. and it alerts anyone finding the pet about the pet’s medical condition- it gives immediate medical information.

We are doing this for the pets as it is our way of giving back for we see for ourselves on The Pet Realty Network’s Your Pet Friendly Community (Lost and Found Pets) the number of pets that are lost and the beginning of Hurricane Season reminded me of past years and the very sad stories about missing and abandoned pets.

Rupert, the Bull Terrier puppy that owned Laura and Mark Anderson, died suddenly surrounded by his family.  In England, in particular, “Bullies” are known as special dogs for special people and you only have to see a Bulldog smiling at you to know that “everything is going to be fine.”  The Bulldogs I have seen always have a twinkle in their eyes and from the photos of Rupert it seems he had that je ne sais quoi that only certain dogs have.  copyofsmellingtheflowerscropped

Now, Fizzbo, the other owner of the Andersons, must look after them but with spring coming to Minnesota Laura and Mark have plenty to keep them busy.  If you are looking for property or even thinking about it in the Twin Cities metro area they would love to help you find the perfect Pet Friendly property and with a name like Fizzbo he is certain to help in your search.

Todd Dunnuck, one of the very first Members of The Pet Realty Network, is the person to contact to find your perfect parcel of land or your dream home in the Lake Lure and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Todd suggests that you visit Lake Lure and Western North Carolina with your family (this photo says it all about a dog’s life on the lake!)  lakeluretodd1The rhododendrons, azaleas, and mountain laurels provide breathtaking backdrops to Lake Lure that you can explore by pontoon or paddleboat. Your dog, in particular, will love the hikes in Chimney Rock State Park and exploring the waterfalls on the Rocky Broad River.

Lake Lure is the perfect holiday destination and, of course, while you are visiting you may find the perfect piece of paradise for your new home.  Todd knows Lake Lure and he would be excited to discuss the possibilities of moving to one of the most beautiful areas of the country.

Offering a one-stop source for real estate services covering the Bucks County, Yardley, and Newtown areas of Pennsylvania Fran and Mark Redding have a new home at Prudential Fox & Roach.  Now we are not certain whether their three Australian Shepherds join them in the office or when showing property but we know that Fran and Mark will tell you all about them and all the pet friendly amentities in the Yardley area.

It is truly a pity that we cannot train all our family and friends to be as obedient as the Australian Shepherd!

Linda Lamb’s philosophy is “client first” and now her Lakefront   Blog gives the latest news and views about Chicago living and real estate to her clients and friends.  But today we would like to celebrate the life of her best friend, Esau, the Great Dane, who recently died from liver disease.  Not only was he a gentle giant but he shot to fame when the Chicago Tribune wrote about The Pet Realty Network and interviewed Esau and, of course, Linda for the story.  He then became a nationwide star when the story was syndicated across the United States.

petbook-cover-smThe Pet Lover’s Guide to Finding Your Own Home is the only veterinarian and realtor approved home-buying guide for pet lovers. This customizable Action Plan begins with 20 easy, free things you can do in the next 30 days to get ready to buy, even if you’re starting from scratch! Compact, color workbook includes:


· checklists,

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· step-by-step reminders,

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· 50 color photos and more!


Called “the Suze Orman for people with pets” by Arden Moore, editor of Catnip (Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University), this award-winning author believes all pets deserve a good home, and so do all pet lovers!


Get the E-book for pet lovers or the full color printed book especially for cat lovers on and on Amazon. Dan Poynter, author of The Older Cat, says, “You could be carrying your cat across the threshold of your new home much sooner than you think!, a place where you can find all things pet (products, services and news) and other pet lovers like you in your area or throughout the site, has just published a fantastic article and video about The Pet Realty Network and how pet owners are still seeking pet friendly places to live with their pets, despite the housing market conditions. 

 Marc Grossman, Pet Realty Network Member is featured:

“It’s extremely important being in this industry,’’ real estate agent Marc Grossman said. “You can’t be something for everyone; you really need to develop your niche.”

   Watch the full video, and read the article here!

Raphael Guerin, a Member of The Pet Realty Network, is the North East Los Angeles Specialist at the Los Feliz Branch of Keller Williams. Pets are a very important part of Raphael’s life – just ask him about his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

He is a sponsor of Yappy Hour events at Hermon Dog Park every month. Not only does Raphael support Yappy Hours but to all dog lovers at Hermon Dog Park he offers $1,000 towards closing fees on any real estate transaction that he handles for them. He would love to talk to you about Yappy Hours so just telephone him or send him an E-mail and, of course, he can give you all the latest information about the Los Angeles real estate market.

The event is the Dog Days Of Summer. It is one of the major pet events in North East Los Angeles at the Hermon Dog Park ( There are pet adoptions, raffles, veterinary clinic, grooming services, agility demonstrations and more. A total fun filled afternoon from 4 to 7pm. The park also has monthly ‘Yappy Hours’ that are fun filled with various events.

Visit the website for more details or please contact Raphael Guerin the local Realtor and a sponsor of the events at  & visit  

Now that is something to bark about at Hermon Dog Park!

We always receive very touching emails from our members. This one, from Pet Realty Network Member Tina Giufre, was especially heartwarming, and thought we should share it with you.


Hi, Rhona,
You probably know the story of the dog, Yuggi. It turns out my best friend’s mom is Yuggi’s new mom. He couldn’t have found a better home! She treats her pets like she treats her children, as it should be! Below is an email I sent to my friends and family that I thought you’d like to read.

Tina Guifre


My friend Thrin’s mother, Lois, had a Weimaraner, Baroness, who died last fall. Baroness had been abused and had a problem with aggression but Lois took her in and rehabilitated her. She turned out to be a nice dog. Obviously, Lois is a big animal lover and has always been a dog person. After her sister, Aunt Retha, died, Lois became a cat person, adopting her sister’s two cats, Snow and Joe. I think Snow’s name is Snowball. She’s beautiful and white. Joe’s a shy, scrappy-looking guy, all black with only three legs – something about an encounter with either a car or a train, I can’t remember. Lois has since taken in a third cat but I can’t remember that story.

Lois spends winters at her house in Naples and summers in Cincinnati, bringing her pets wherever she goes. But in January, she was missing Baroness, so she decided to go to the Naples Humane Society and adopt a dog. She and Thrin walked in and looked at all the poor pups in their cages. Lois paused, looking at a black lab who looked so sad. She said their eyes locked. She just had to have him. After filling out all the forms, she was allowed to take him home.

Then she found out that he was something of a celebrity. The Humane Society people didn’t want her to be swayed by his story, so they didn’t tell her anything about his past until after she adopted him. Read this story:

I haven’t met Kodi yet – she changed his name from Yuggi – but I’ve heard he’s a sweetie! I’ll probably meet him this weekend before Lois heads back up to Ohio for the summer. I’m so glad he ended up with her. He will be riding to and from Ohio in a Rolls Royce and will have steak and Frosty Paws treats at his own birthday party each year.

He’s a lucky dog!

Through his therapy dog work, Leo, a Michael Vick dog fighting case survivor, now gives hope to others at the Camino Infusion Center, where he brings comfort to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

“He is wonderful, and all the patients love Leo,” said Paula Reed, the facility’s oncology director. “They really love his eyes and gentleness.”

Leo was one of about 50 dogs that were rescued from Vick’s Bad News Kennels in Virginia last year. Vick is serving 23 months in federal prison after pleading guilty to bankrolling his dogfighting operation and helping to kill as many as eight dogs by for lacking a desire to fight.

6 months ago there was little hope for Leo. But after an intensive training program, today he is proud to wear a colorful clown collar instead of chains.

Please read the entire story here, on MSNBC, and watch the touching video of Leo and his second chance at life.

An adult dog spends about 12 hours of her day, that’s half of her life, sleeping. Where your dog sleeps is important to her emotional and physical health, as well as to your family’s.

So if your dog needs a fresh fluffy and even fashionable place to rest, check out PetBedMart, offering the perfect bed for your pet no matter what your dog’s size. And let’s not forget about cats, who as we know, love their privacy. 

There is a wide range of choices of beds for your cat or dog, including donut dog beds, designer dog beds, outdoor dog beds, fleece dog beds, dog crate pads, pet travel gear.

Visit for more  information.

If you are looking for anything pet friendly in Florida, look no further than Orlando where you will find some of the best dog parks and pet friendly real estate agents around.

The Orlando Sentinel agrees. Their recent story, Home is where the Bark is talks about pet friendly real estate options in the Orlando area, and why “pet friendly” is so important to homeowners.

For example, Sherice Ward recently purchased a home in Avalon Park, in very close proximity to Paw Park where she can walk to with Lacy her 3 year old Chocolate Labrador mix.   Ward said she would have never purchased a home in that area, unless it was pet friendly. Dogs are also welcome at outside restaurant tables and town events such as the wine and food festival.  

Read the rest of this entry »

Travel sickness? Anxiety or Fear? Insect Bites? Sadness or Grieving? If you pet is experiencing any of these symptoms, PediGREEN can offer you a natural holistic remedies for these any many other symptoms that pets can experience.

PediGREEN is a brand of pure, safe and effective homeopathic and natural products designed for animals, available over-the-counter.  Using PediGreen, veterinarians and pet owners can now choose gentle, natural and chemical-free products that reinforce and stimulate the body’s own healing abilities.  The PediGREEN line consists of 12 products marked for individual sale and 3 QuickCare Kits, each of which contains 5 products designed for the different stages of a pet’s life: First Years, Active and Senior Care.

Visit Pedigreen’s website for more information!