Moving is the number one reason people give for relinquishing their pets to shelters.

That is why Louisiana SPCA contacted The Pet Realty Network, asking us for our expert advice and opinions about Renting with Pets and ways to increase the  amount of pet friendly rental properties in their Community. 

Renting with pets and searching for a pet friendly rental doesn’t have to be a difficult or unpleasant experience. For landlords, an animal-friendly policy increases the marketability of the community, generates a positive public image and responsible pet owners make excellent long term tenants and tend to abide by the housing rules because they know that with animal-friendly housing there are limited options to choose.

All it takes is for BOTH the landlord AND the tenant to agree upon certain standards and the results will be pawsitively pawsitive!

The full article can be found on the homepage of the Louisiana SPCA Website, and is available to pet owners, landlords and Pet Friendly Real Estate Agents across the State.

Read the article now:   Renting With Pets – It CAN Work