There is one way to be sure that what you feed your pet is not contaminated with tainted melamine from China.  

Reuters reports that Food for Health International, a U.S. company that makes whole food nutritional supplements for people and pets,  began marketing its products with a “China-Free” sticker.   

“Consumer awareness that products from China may be tainted has greatly increased in recent months since contaminated pet food made by Canadian-based Menu Foods Income Fund and other manufacturers made its way onto U.S. retail shelves.

The food, tainted by the industrial chemical melamine from China, was sold in more than 100 brands and is being probed as the possible cause of illness and death in thousands of pets.”

The recent scare has put a spotlight items from China, including fruits and vegetables to toothpaste and phone batteries. 

Food for Health’s company executives said that their products are made from organically grown foods processed and packaged in the U.S. with no chemical additives.