Special thanks to Dogchannel.com for this great story about Matthew McConaughey who currently supports an initiative called Growing Up With Pets, www.growingupwithpets.com, a campaign that aims to provide information for families looking to build strong, healthy relationships between their children and their pets. 

McConaughey  found his longtime canine companion, Miss Hud, in 1993 in a Tucson, Ariz., shelter. The two were inseparable for 12 years – a relationship that lasted longer than any covered by the tabloids – until the Labrador Retriever-Chow Chow mix was diagnosed with cancer in 2005.

One of Miss Hud’s front legs had to be amputated, and soon afterward, McConaughey learned that both of Miss Hud’s back legs also were riddled with cancer. He told Oprah in an interview: “She and I looked at each other and I said, ‘Miss Hud, do you wanna be a one-legged dog?’ And she looks up and she says, ‘Let me move on, Pop.’ So we let her move on.”

McConaughey now owns – or is owned by – an Australian Cattle Dog named Foxy.

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