After the recent flooding in Coffeyville, Kansas, the city invited The HSUS Disaster Response Team to help shelter animals affected by the disaster.  

In their usual prompt and efficient ways, the hard working and dedicated professionals responded and set up an emergency pet shelter on the 4th of July as the community did their best to get their life back in order. 

Nearly 200 animals have been cared for at this temporary facility, including dogs, cats, a boa constrictor, fish, hamsters and chickens.

Many thanks to Kathy Covey of the HSUS, one of the HSUS responders and a public information, for sharing some personal reflections about the experience.  In her words: 

“Exhausted dogs lapsed into sleep. Kittens tumbled over each other in their crates. And the citizens of Coffeyville, with so many troubles in their minds, found the heart for the community’s animals”

We appreciate the HSUS for keeping us updated about the welfare of the pets in this community that is so much in need.  You can read the full story by following this link