For many people, if the extent of exercising the dog involves throwing the tennis ball around the living room they shouldn’t have a dog in the first place.  

A dog that does not get the proper exercise leads to a destructive dog.  Destruction leads to frustration.  Frustration many times leads to surrendering a pet to a shelter because the owner just can’t handle it any longer.

Dog runners can help alleviate this problem, can help the dogs overall health, and can even be a fashion statement! 

 We are happy to see that others agree.  A recent New York Times article reports: 

At a time when affluent dog owners coddle their pets with massage, antidepressants and spa vacations, it’s not surprising that dogs have the equivalent of personal trainers.

HIRING a dog runner isn’t merely fashionable. “Many people have come to understand that their dog needs more exercise than they can provide,” said Dr. Monica Clare, a critical care specialist at the Animal Surgical and Emergency Center in Los Angeles. “Dog walking is fine, but some dogs need more exercise. Dog runners provide it.”

Currently the trend seems to be in New York City, where you can find such companies specializing in Dog Running such as, and Running Paws

I for one would LOVE to see it expand across the country.  If you know of any others in any cities, we would love to hear from you.