It’s always good to hear how a hollywood celebrity can use their status, influence and love of dogs to make the world a better place for animals. 

Who knew that the creator of Homer, Bart, Marge and let’s not forget “Santas Little Helper” (whos life began at a dog racetrack but ended up in the the Simpson household one Christmas Eve) was so dog crazy? 

But Sam Simon, the co-creator of The Simpsons cartoon series and movie being released on July 27th tells Morley Safer of 60 minutes,

“I used to deny that I was a dog nut and people would ask me, ‘Well, what is a dog nut?’ And I would say, ‘Well, to me the line was when you start dressing up your dogs.’ And then I had to qualify that I don’t do that except on, you know, Halloween or special occasions,” Simon tells Safer. 

Simon also runs the Sam Simon Foundation, giving stray and abandoned dogs a new lease on life, and has an Assistance Dog Program that rescues and trains dogs from shelters to become Hearing Dogs for the deaf or hard of hearing.   

Way to go Sam!