Photo courtesy of Linda Lamb, Pet Realty Network Member of Chicago, IL.

It’s just one more reason pets love Chicago!  

This Sunday’s Chicago Tribune ran a great article about The Pet Realty Network and Pet Friendly Agents in Chicago.  

What’s the draw to Pet Friendly niche marketing for Real Estate Agents? 

According to the pet-products manufacturers group, 63 percent of all U.S. households own pets, equating to 69 million households, up from 51 million in 1988.

And 10.7 million people move with their pets every year.

“The real estate market is very challenging at the moment” (Rhona Sutter) says, “It just seemed that real estate agents need to find a niche.”

Many owners put their animals’ needs — a roomy yard, space for cages or just a friendly condo building — high on their home-shopping wish lists. And they want real estate agents who understand that.

Many thanks to Mary Umberger of The Chicago Tribune for the article, and for introducing the great group of Pet Realty Network Real Estate Agents in Chicago to your readers.