Monica Shigenaga, a Hawaii Kai woman, designs dog clothes with a Hawaiian flair capturing the attention of socialites from Japan to Hollywood.  In a news report from KHNL,  Shigenaga explains how her she was inspired to create dog fashions with a tropical flare: 

“I got a call from Hollywood and then that just started another craze with the celebrities I’ve done a lot of celebrities from Tori Spelling to Carmen Electra to Tia Carrera”, she added.

Other stars to buy her Cocojor aloha attire line for their dogs include Sumo star Akebono and socialite Nicole Ritchie. 

The designer also features a pet cooling vest, made with a special gel, keeping a pet’s temperature of 65 degrees.  The cooling vest has even won an award from “Dog Fancy” magazine.  Very COOL!

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