From the pages of London’s Daily Mail, comes a strange case of an award winning dog’s identity theft.    The conman was not so smart, however.  He tried to pass off the purebred male dog as a female that just had puppies.   

Details of the two-year-old pedigree pet, named Afonwen Welch Fusilier, were posted on the internet by proud owner Lynne Day, 63, from Tremeirchion in North Wales.

But a conman stole the details from the site and is passing the dog off as his own. He claims that Afonwen Welch Fusilier – pet name Blue – has given birth to puppies, despite being male.

The mystery man, who calls himself Henry Daf and whose registered address turns out to be a Glasgow graveyard, is touting the phantom puppies to potential buyers.

Pups in the Afonwen pedigree can fetch up to £1,000 each.

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