Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio followed a young patient named Maria and her family as she underwent surgery for a hip displacement, and has followed her recovery through a series of award winning commercials. 

Week #7 – running now – is especially touching, as they feature Akron Children’s Doggie Brigade, organized and run by a group of dedicated volunteers and coordinated through the hospital’s child life specialists to bring joy into the hearts of young hospitalized patients.

Maria was visited by a very special Doggie Brigade team member, a Golden Retriever sharing something in common with this young patient.   They both have hip dysplasia.   

From the Akron Children’s Hospital Website

Little did Maria know when she chose a picture of a golden retriever from the Doggie Brigade as her favorite that the dog would actually make an appearance in her hospital room. But that’s what happened. Upon hearing which dog she preferred, a group of caring individuals arranged for it to stop by her room. The fact that the dog had hip dysplasia, just like Maria, made the visit all the more meaningful. During her three-day stay, Maria was visited twice by the Doggie Brigade. As a long-time dog lover, Maria admits that both visits were extremely high points in her day.   

You can read more, or watch the videos here.