If all goes as planned, Wags pet motel will be open by Aug. 10 on Lee Mulroy Road in Marcellus.

Wags is not your ordinary pet kennel.  At this pet motel pets can enjoy the 10 8X8foot carpeted rooms that will include a bed and screen door.  For the larger dogs, there will be a 16-foot-by-8-foot penthouse suite with a queen bed.  All rooms will have a TV and a DVD player or VCR for entertainment (of course!).  And before bedtime, dogs can snack on roast beef-flavored ice cream, or a peach, apple, blueberry or mixed-berry cobbler. 

The idea of a pet motel came to Anne Mallore,  who will be opening the new motel,  several years ago, after the family pet – a German Shepherd named Woody – spent a week in a kennel.

“We want to eliminate the stress of the family leaving their dog,” said Carmen Mallore, Anne’s husband. “Not only for the family, but for the dog.”

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