UPDATE  8/10/2007:  Sources report that this toy has been recalled for possible lead contanimation.  We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything further. 

Now dogs everywhere have their chance to get revenge with the new Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy, a stuffed toy bearing a striking resemblance to the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, who was recently indicted on allegations of illegal dog fighting. 

A Press Release from the toy’s Website explains:  

Now a new type of retribution has been created to give every dog a little pay-back. The Vick Dog Chew Toy will be available for delivery on August 7th and will hopefully help open the eyes of many others. This has been created to help the Local Shelters shed some light on this horrendous sport of dogfighting. Each person now has the opportunity to buy a dog chew toy that will help other animals live a better life than those poor dogs that were found on April 25th.

Others are also getting in to the spirit.  MSNBC reports that St. Paul (MN) Saints are planning on giving away 2,500 of the “Michael Vick” dog chew toys.

But how long will it last?  As the Chicago Tribune reports, you have to get your while they last. 

The toy likely infringes on rights to use Vick’s name and image, as well as on NFL trademarks, since its uniform mirrors that of the Falcons star, minus the logos.