You heard it right.  Our favorite vet blogger, Dr. Patty Khuly of Dolittler talked yesterday about teacup kittens, bought on the internet by a client of hers.  Although cute as buttons, she examined the miniature ragdoll kittens and found coccidia, ringworm and some conjunctivitis –  nothing too hard to handle –  but then found a clicking in their hips.  Suspicious of hip dysplasia she referred her client to an orthopedic specialist. 

In addition to her concerns about home-based kitten factories (we’ve heard about puppy mills, but now kitten mills are also cropping up) she is concerned about their FIP, FIV and FeLV status and even cardiac disease and other predispositions to genetic diseases that may not crop up for months or years. 

And to make matters worse, these kittens were brought to her with a health certificate, signed by another veterinarian that approved these pets for sale and interstate shipping.  There were no meds given for the chronic conjunctivitis prior to sale or shipping, and no notes in the health certificate of fecal tests, or skin checks.  

It’s going to be a long road ahead, many more trips to the vet, and probably a whole lot of money for this new pet owner. 

Thinking of buying your pets online?  You might want to think again.