reports that Shelley, a black standard poodle, along with another dog and three cats, will benefit from a $10,000 trust fund if her owners die before she does.  According to the report:  

“As many as 25 percent of families with a pet have provided for their animals through wills or trusts,” said Sara Amundson, executive director with the Humane Society Legislative Fund. “People really consider pets as members of their family,” she said.

Think it’s silly?  Each year there are millions of pets euthanized, many because they their guardian died, and noone is left to care for them.  Pet trusts enable owners to leave money for the care of their animals, and specify how they want the money to be used, and the pets to be cared for.

With veterinary expenses soaring and pets living longer healthier lives, it sure is something to consider. 

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