You may not think it matters, but the dog sure does.

And so does Honda, Nissan, Dodge, Jeep, Kia, Range Rover  Subaru, Suzuki , Toyota  and Volvo. 

A recent article from reports just who wears the paws in the family when it comes to buying a car.   

Volvo, known for their safety for people and now also pets, has a  lineup of models including dog guards that safely stow pets, net partitions, Kevlar restraints and fold-down metal safety gates.  

Michael Atkin, principal retailer of Edmonton’s Anglo Canadian Volvo says,  

The dog is probably happier sitting beside you. But the reality is that that’s not the right place; the airbag alone could kill him.”

The Honda CRV features as a roomy cargo hold, fold-down seats and low-rise doors that make it easy for pets to get in and out.

And more than 60 per cent of Subaru drivers are pet owners.     According to, the Subaru Forester has been named one of the most canine-friendly cars. 

Other cars were tested and rated as top dogmobiles for reasons that include everything from windows that help prevent puppy nose-prints and recessed cup holders that “deter a paw in the latte”.   

Lisa Peterson, spokeswoman for the AKC confirms,

“…dog ownership heavily influences both lifestyle and purchasing habits. We found that owners consider their best friends 47% of the time when buying a car” 

So whether you are going for a quick trip to the vet, a day at the dog park, or across country, buy one of these dogmobiles and you can be happy that your dog is happy.