Earlier this month, we told you about Part 1 of Dogster’s interview with The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.   Don’t miss Part 2 and Part 3 of this captivating interview on Dogster’s for the love of Dog Blog.  

Cesar’s influence and skills have gained him much admiration from pet owners across the country.  And his best fur friend, Daddy, is a perfect example of how the Pit Bull can be a loving and well behaved companion.  With all of the publicity surrounding this breed with the Michael Vick case, we are so happy to see that a well- respected Professional can shed some light on the positive traits of the Pit Bull, and that they can be good dogs, too. 

As we have seen with the case of Michael Vick with details too sick and cruel – not to mention illegal –  unfortunately when put in the wrong hands, they just don’t have a chance.  And that’s not fair!

Want more of Cesar?  He may be coming to your town, soon!  He is planning a 10 city tour in LOS ANGELES – BALTIMORE – SAN ANTONIO – SEATTLE – MIAMI – NEWARK – CUPERTINO (SAN FRANCISCO/SAN JOSE AREA) – ST. LOUIS – ATLANTA.