Thank you,  Dogster for bringing to our attention a new website,,  a nonprofit national shelter outreach program at the forefront of a grassroots movement trying to help shelters save the lives of millions of innocent dogs. takes what some might consider an uncomfortable approach to helping save pets in danger of euthanasia by working in conjunction with pet shelters to post photos of dogs in danger, and even going so far as to post the date they are scheduled to be euthanized.

We don’t want to think about it, but it is painfully true that millions of pets are euthanized for no reason other than “space”, which is why DogsinDanger is bringing this sad truth to public attention.  They explain:

By making it personal, we believe more people will be compelled to help these dogs. Thus refuses to present a sanitized version of the truth. Our ultimate goal is to see a day where healthy and treatable animals are no longer killed by their most trusted friends. also lists the top 10 reasons dogs are dumped at shelters:
Landlord not allowing pet

Too many animals in household
Cost of pet maintenance
Owner having personal problems
Inadequate facilities
No homes available for litter mates
Having no time for pet
Pet illness

The Pet Realty Network’s Lucky Day Campaign, helps connect Pet Friendly people with Pet Friendly Real Estate Professionals to help reduce the number of pets surrendered to shelters due to residential pet restrictions or when moving, the #1 and #2 reasons on this list.