The rescue organization Mutts and Moms has taken back a dog recently adopted by Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia De Rossi, because DeGeneres gave the dog to her hairdresser’s family.  From Ellen’s website, she explains: 

“Here’s what happened. I love animals. I love animals. I rescue them and I’ve adopted so many animals and found so many animals homes over the years. On September 20, I adopted a dog from a rescue organization here in the area. I got it neutered, I got it trained and I paid my vet extra money to take it home to sleep in the bed with him at night instead of a cage. I spent $3000 on this puppy to acclimate it, to train it to be with our cats. It was just too much energy and too rambunctious. “

Here’s the problem, Mutts and Moms has a strict policy that small dogs cannot be adopted into homes with children under the age of 14.  DeGeneres’ hairdresser has two children, ages 11 and 12. 

You can read more details about this heartbreaking story from MSNBC here.  

Ellen DeGeneres, known as one of Hollywood’s most pet friendly celebrities, is heartbroken over the whole incident, and is pleading with the rescue organization to return little Iggy to his home.  Please visit Ellen’s site, where she writes about what happened, and browse through the over 10,000 comments left by viewers and concerned pet lovers.