Ben Roethlisberger is not only a football hero for the die hard fans of Pittsburgh, but he also has a genuine respect and admiration for animals. 

In 2006, the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation distributed its first grant to help the Police Department in Roethlisberger’s hometown of Findlay, Ohio  replace their service dog, Flip, who was tragically shot and killed.

The grant also purchased a K-9 ballistic vest for the Findlay Ohio Police Department, and in 2007 the foundation will disperse additional grants to support or purchase service dogs and vests that assist police and fire departments in cities where Roethlisberger’s team will play throughout the season. 

These cities will include:

Cleveland, OH
Phoenix, AZ
Denver, CO
Cincinnati, OH
New York, NY/New Jersey
Boston, MA
St. Louis, MO
Baltimore, MD

A Steeler fan or not, that’s something we all should admire!