As Realtors out and about in neighborhoods, in and out of houses we have an ethical duty to report abuse of any kind. Here is a story that supports that belief.

Meet Hogan. He’s a gorgeous purebred German Shepherd Dog. We named him after “Hogan” of “Hogan’s Heroes” because we were trying for “something German” and we thought “Klink” just didn’t fit. Hogan needs a home! This is his story thus far:

Over a month ago, Hogan was chained to a tree in his yard by his former owner when she moved away to Richmond, Virginia. I showed a neighboring house several times and kept seeing Hogan tied up at his house, which was also for sale. When ultimately it looked like Hogan’s owner had actually moved away WITHOUT HIM, My friend Nicci and I inquired with the agent selling Hogan’s house. The agent told me that Hogan’s owner had indeed left him behind and was interested in finding him a new home. My friend Nicci spoke to the agent herself and he promised to give her number to the dog’s owner, but the owner never called and the agent never returned her subsequent calls, either. Maybe someone informed her she had broken the law by abandoning her dog? Maybe she was afraid she’d get an earful from us? We wouldn’t have bothered to waste our breath — we just wanted Hogan safe. Either way, enough is ENOUGH — it’s cold outside and four weeks was certainly long enough for Hogan to be lonely.

Two days later, Nicci and I went to “meet” Hogan. He was busy telling everybody who went past his yard, “Hey, come pay attention to me! Hey, go find my Mom! Hey, get me off this lead!” When we approached, however, he was interested, but a bit scared. That was quickly cured with some treats and a little baby talk.

At this point, a neighbor came out of his home and asked if we had come to take Hogan to a new home. He said he hoped so, because Hogan cried all night each night outside alone and whomever was supposed to feed Hogan was not doing so with any regularity. The gentleman had been feeding Hogan himself — adding that he’d saved Hogan a whole lot of Thanksgiving dinner! (Yay! That made us happy for poor Hogan.)

Since Hogan’s yard’s gates were locked (yes, Nicci and I hopped the fence to feed and meet Hogan), we contacted the Animal Police and a nice Officer came out to cut the lock and bring Hogan to “BARCS” which used to be the city shelter — and still is — but it has been made an independent non-profit (  ).

Hogan is a sweet boy! He gives nice kisses and does “sit” if you tell him. We haven’t tried “down”, though. He takes treats gently and I have had my fingers in his mouth and he does not bear down. He is also very SMART! It’s obvious he will make a great companion as he brought Marci and me his football and invited us to play. His owner was a female, so he is good with the ladies and it seems that he’s also fine with men. We’ll know more about him as things progress.

We have been in contact with Bill Myers at the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (  ) who is got Hogan out of the shelter and into the Shepherd rescue’s system. He is being housed at the rescue’s kennels — which isn’t a bad place to be — but honestly, this poor doggie deserves a bed by a fireplace after being tied to a tree for 4+ weeks! But more than even a foster home, Hogan needs a “forever home” where he will be loved and appreciated and never left alone like that again.

If you or anyone you know would like to adopt Hogan please contact The Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue at (410) 644-7763 or  or hit the website

This story was submitted by Pet Realty Network Member Marci Yankelov