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The MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue came up with an innovative idea by giving Pet ID Tags to their new pet parents.  This Boston Terrier Rescue is very special as it fosters dogs in volunteers’ homes.  Not only does it rescue Boston Terriers of any age and condition but provides full medical care, including spay and neutering, rabies and distemper shots, heartworm testing and micro-chipping to the rescued Bostons prior to finding them a loving and permanent home.  In 2010 the Rescue took in 371 Bostons and Boston mixes.

By giving each Boston Terrier a Pet Medical Alert ID Tag it alerts immediately anyone finding one of their Bostons that there is a medical condition, for example the dog may be Deaf, have Allergies, Needs Medications and the list goes on. It is then very simple to find out more about the lost dog by using the Pet ID Number on the Tag to search the National Pet Registy for specific information.  What is most important is that the Pet ID Tag gives instant medical information about the Boston in case it is impossible to get the pet to a facility to scan for a micro-chip or get on a computer to  gain access to the National Pet Registry.

A good example is Ginger , a real cutie – She suffers from Seizures and is now the proud owner of a Seizures Tag. She looks quite comfy on her bed but if for some reason she was ever lost the Pet Tag would tell the person that found Ginger that she suffered from Seizures – something good to know until she was re-united with her owner.

Hopefully more Rescue Groups and Shelters will follow the MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue in thinking about their adopted pets after adoption.  You can see that this Rescue is run by volunteers with very big hearts and the love of Boston Terriers.