Are you a Dog, Cat, Horse, Bird, Fish, Alpaca, Hamster and the list goes on? Are you a Social Animal?  Do you like to have fun and meet new friends (animal only!)?

Pet Protect®, the owner of The Pet Realty Network®, has just launched  Pets sign up themselves so there is no personal information from humans required.  Pets can then create their own Year Book page, upload their photos to their own Photo Gallery, write a Blog if they wish, give status updates of their life, make pet friends, give and receive autographs and invite all their friends to become a PetsBookster™

Created and developed by Pimms, the Chocolate Labrador and Pressie, the Border Collier, Shepherd, Terrier, Beagle mix, i.e. a rescue Mutt from Naples, Florida with the computer knowledge of Jake, a Siberian Husky from British Columbia (not many dogs can code in Drupal and be a cool dude as well)

Pet Protect’s launches at the best time of the year.  Now when humans are passing out their graduation Year Books their pets have their Year Book for their Pet friends from all over the world.

And Pets love to help other Pets so The Lucky Day is a special feature of  If you are a Pet Shelter or Humane Society your Pets can create their very own Yearbook page so they can find a forever home.  If you find a stry Pet wandering the street or a pet given up because of the dreadful economy, relocation or other reasons let the Pet have its very own Year Book page in order to find a loving home