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Naples, Florida – In conjunction with THE LUCKY DAY Campaign, The Pet Realty Network®, a Naples Florida based company, offering the single most informative online source of Pet Friendly Resources, is pleased to announce the recent partnership with the Kent Animal Shelter

THE LUCKY DAY Campaign is The Pet Realty Network’s online campaign to help Humane Societies make it a LUCKY DAY for one of the millions of pets in shelters across the country waiting for a loving home.  To celebrate this exciting partnership, The Pet Realty Network® will donate $5.00 to the Kent Animal Shelter for each Pet Realty Network® Real Estate Agent registration or Pet Resource Directory membership in Suffolk county, New York.

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From Yahoo News, the Nassau County (NY) SPCA and Rabbit Rescue Group are trying to figure out who is responsible for an increase of rabbit dumping in the area.  A man was seen dumping 20 rabbits in a box at a train station and then driving away earlier this month.  Rabbits dumped in the wild often can’t fend for themselves and end up starving to death or being killed by raccoons or diseases.  Fortunately, the animals have been rescued and are now up for adoption.    

Plattsburgh, New York is a very pet frienldy place to be.

Their new dog park was created by city council who agreed that the city needed a controlled place for people to bring their dogs. The need for a dog park was sparked after a series of dog attacks earlier in the summer. The park boasts a fire-hydrant decoration, short tunnel, poop receptacle and picnic table and is now open at Melissa L. Penfield Park.

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If all goes as planned, Wags pet motel will be open by Aug. 10 on Lee Mulroy Road in Marcellus.

Wags is not your ordinary pet kennel.  At this pet motel pets can enjoy the 10 8X8foot carpeted rooms that will include a bed and screen door.  For the larger dogs, there will be a 16-foot-by-8-foot penthouse suite with a queen bed.  All rooms will have a TV and a DVD player or VCR for entertainment (of course!).  And before bedtime, dogs can snack on roast beef-flavored ice cream, or a peach, apple, blueberry or mixed-berry cobbler.  Read the rest of this entry »

For many people, if the extent of exercising the dog involves throwing the tennis ball around the living room they shouldn’t have a dog in the first place.  

A dog that does not get the proper exercise leads to a destructive dog.  Destruction leads to frustration.  Frustration many times leads to surrendering a pet to a shelter because the owner just can’t handle it any longer.

Dog runners can help alleviate this problem, can help the dogs overall health, and can even be a fashion statement!  Read the rest of this entry »

Where are you traveling to this summer?  If it is to New York City, than remember to take your leash and off you go!  Here are a few Pet Friendly places we found in the City.  Do you have any others to add? Read the rest of this entry »