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We always receive very touching emails from our members. This one, from Pet Realty Network Member Tina Giufre, was especially heartwarming, and thought we should share it with you.


Hi, Rhona,
You probably know the story of the dog, Yuggi. It turns out my best friend’s mom is Yuggi’s new mom. He couldn’t have found a better home! She treats her pets like she treats her children, as it should be! Below is an email I sent to my friends and family that I thought you’d like to read.

Tina Guifre


My friend Thrin’s mother, Lois, had a Weimaraner, Baroness, who died last fall. Baroness had been abused and had a problem with aggression but Lois took her in and rehabilitated her. She turned out to be a nice dog. Obviously, Lois is a big animal lover and has always been a dog person. After her sister, Aunt Retha, died, Lois became a cat person, adopting her sister’s two cats, Snow and Joe. I think Snow’s name is Snowball. She’s beautiful and white. Joe’s a shy, scrappy-looking guy, all black with only three legs – something about an encounter with either a car or a train, I can’t remember. Lois has since taken in a third cat but I can’t remember that story.

Lois spends winters at her house in Naples and summers in Cincinnati, bringing her pets wherever she goes. But in January, she was missing Baroness, so she decided to go to the Naples Humane Society and adopt a dog. She and Thrin walked in and looked at all the poor pups in their cages. Lois paused, looking at a black lab who looked so sad. She said their eyes locked. She just had to have him. After filling out all the forms, she was allowed to take him home.

Then she found out that he was something of a celebrity. The Humane Society people didn’t want her to be swayed by his story, so they didn’t tell her anything about his past until after she adopted him. Read this story:

I haven’t met Kodi yet – she changed his name from Yuggi – but I’ve heard he’s a sweetie! I’ll probably meet him this weekend before Lois heads back up to Ohio for the summer. I’m so glad he ended up with her. He will be riding to and from Ohio in a Rolls Royce and will have steak and Frosty Paws treats at his own birthday party each year.

He’s a lucky dog!


Many pet shelters across the country are celebrating November’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month.  Capital Area Humane Society in Columbus Ohio, and part of The Pet Realty Network’s LUCKY DAY Campaign, bring to you the Top 10 Reasons of adopting a senior pet into your home.

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Columbus, OH – Join The Capital Area Humane Society, a participating shelter of The Pet Realty Network’s Lucky Day Campaign, at Easton for the 9th annual Halloween Pet Parade on Sunday, October 28 from 1pm-3pm, for a fun filled afternoon of scary ghosts, brawny superheroes and even pretty princesses, as they parade around the Town Square of Easton Town Center and compete to win fabulous prizes.

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If you are looking for something to do with your dog on Sunday August 25th, and you live in Central Ohio, visit WagFest, Central Ohio’s Premier Dog Friendly Festival. 

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