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Many thanks to Lori Tipler Long, a volunteer of the Humane Society of Central Illinois for contributing this story about how she made it a LUCKY DAY for one very lucky dog.

Please visit The Pet Realty Network’s LUCKY DAY Campaign, to see how you can make it a LUCKY DAY for a homeless pet, or for more information about how your pet shelter can participate.

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Karyl Carmignani of Canine Companions for Independence recently wrote to Dear Abby, giving people a well-needed reminder about the role that service dogs play in society.  

“People need to know how to behave around assistance dogs so they don’t endanger the person with a disability or the dog,” states Karyl, and continues by providing tips such as never feed or offer food to a working dog and do not let your dog initiate contact with a working dog while it’s on duty.

You can read the full letter, Abby’s reply, and all of Karyl’s tips here.

According to the AKC, dogs of the Working Group were bred to perform such jobs as guarding property, pulling sleds and performing water rescues.

But Connie, a Newfoundland from the UK,  redefines the meaning of work by helping her owner Hazel Carter with laundry, shopping, and even gardening.  Carter, an animal behaviorist, suffers from crippling arthritis so she harnessed Connie’s energy, intelligence, and willingness to help her around the house. 

Here’s the story, courtesy of The Daily Mail:

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